Traditional tatami in expanded polyethylene 100x100x1.4 cm

Codice : WT02100
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Made of closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam, FR version (with flame retardant). The layers are hot-coupled and interlocking is cut using a water jet. The low density used gives the product a soft and comfortable effect. Suitable for play areas. Frames for closing the perimeter of the area included.

Frames for closing the perimeter of the area included.

Suitable for postural gymnastics, aerobics, yoga, pilates rooms and children's playground.

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FR cross-linked polyethylene foam - Density: 60kg / m³
100 x 100 x 1,4cm
Weight: 0.8 kg (each)
Finishes: Non-slip, rice straw effect
Packaging: Pallet: 105x105cm, H. max 220cm (100 pcs) - Box: 105x105cm, H. max 50cm (35 pcs)
Shock absorption: UNI EN 1177 HIC 400mm
Complies with REACH regulations, Non-toxic according to EN71, FR (Flame retardant)