Ice Spray 400ml

Ice Spray 400ml

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Ice spray is a necessary item in every athlete's first aid kit. Its purpose is to promptly relieve pain caused by trauma of different types and intensities (sprains, bruises, muscle tears, tendonitis, strains or even fractures), unfortunately normal accidents for those who practice physical activity.

Being able to act quickly on a trauma allows you to limit the damage because the cold has a vasoconstricting effect by reducing the flow of blood and consequently the formation of the hematoma and its swelling; moreover, because the cold temporarily blocks the transmission of painful impulses.

The use of spray ice is a temporary solution with transient effects to be used pending the more in-depth visit of a specialist.

When using canned ice, it is advisable to respect some safety rules regarding the distance to keep and the areas to be treated.
The dispensers allow to direct the flow towards the area to be treated and the ice must be sprayed at a minimum distance of 20 cm or better 30, with an inclination of about 30, and for a duration of about 4 5 seconds, possibly repeating the ' application two or three more times.e.
These precautions are essential to avoid possible cold burns due to excessive contact with the skin.

Secondly, avoid applying it to open wounds or directing it towards the mucous membranes, eyes, ears, mouth or nose.

Dispo ICE SPRAY is a Class II a medical device.

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