Instant ice

Instant ice

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The instant ice pack is a great way to treat or relieve pain due to trauma, sprains, swelling, headache, fever; for this reason, it is an article that should not be missing in every sportsman's first aid kit.

How instant ice packs works

To activate the instant ice packs it is necessary to apply pressure/punch on the bag with an intensity equal to breaking the innermost bag and engaging the chemical reaction that will lead to the cooling of the contents of the bag.
Generally the bag remains at a temperature of just under or equal to 0 ° C for a period of about 30 minutes (much also depends on the temperature of the surrounding environment).
For greater comfort it might be useful to secure the envelope on the injured part with an elastic bandage; according to the sensitivity of each individual, the envelope can be wrapped in a light cloth before being placed on the skin.

The Easy Ice pack is disposable and is a class II a medical surgical device.

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