Double Wing Chun Knives in Engraved Steel

Codice : WT20000
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Double stainless steel butterfly knives for the practice of Wing Chun (Wing Tsun and Ving Tsun). Laser engraved with the Wing Chun and Bart Cham Dao symbols. Highest quality design.

Excellent pair of Wing Chun butterfly knives with weight and dimensions suitable for a suitable training.

Don't miss the chance to own a couple.

The whole blade is in 300 series stainless steel. Very sturdy and suitably heavy for the right training. The fitting on the handle is also internally in hot-finished steel.

Specification:the whole length is 42cm and the band length is 12cm, the blade length is 30cm, total weight 1.6Kg/pair.

The case is included in the price.

This is the double knife model used at the premiere of the IP MAN 3 blockbuster film (Shanghai 28/2/2016). In the photos below you will see movie stars Donnie Yen and Max Zhang holding two pairs.

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