Leather pro jump rope with chromed aluminum handles

Leather pro jump rope with chromed aluminum handles

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Professional leather jumping rope, with practical aluminum handles and ball bearings. Excellent for an effective workout. Length approx.270 cm.

- Made of leather

- Length about 270 cm

- Aluminum handles and ball bearings

- Improve speed and coordination

Using the rope is a great way to diversify your workout, especially with regards to cardiovascular training and elasticity.

It is mistakenly believed that the string is a difficult to manage, boring and repetitive tool. In truth, there are many types of jumps that, combined together, can make the exercises varied and intense.

Below are some types of skipping rope, which you can combine in sequence and with different repetitions / duration according to your level of preparation to give the training different levels of intensity.

Crossing the hands When the rope is passing behind and is approximately above your head, quickly cross your hands and jump over the rope with your arms crossed. Dissolve and repeat..

Double skip Wind the rope faster so that you do two turns per jump. Movement of Ali The feet instead of together are moved back and forth in the range of about 30-50 cmcm

Slalom Simulates the passage of the poles of a slalom on skis. Avoid making the lateral shift too large. Rotation Rotate your body (right or left 90 degrees) while the string is over your head. The forward foot is approximately 50 cm in front of the other.o.

Running Run with your knees as high as possible while twisting the rope..

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